Interior Design Portfolio

Our commercial and residential projects reflect the needs, identities, and aesthetics of each client. We design all kinds of homes and spaces including boutique interiors as well as hospitality environments. RDID ensures that our design work is flawlessly integrated with your home or commercial space and reflects the organization’s branding and culture.

For commercial and residential spaces, Rae Duncan Interior Design infuses every interior environment we work on with sophistication. Your vision guides the process, directing our work and informing it with your taste and personality. And we make it easy, offering high-end interior design that’s responsive to your needs.

Our interior design portfolio is an introduction to the transformative sophistication of our design work. From the branded spaces of Ludex and Bedazzled to the ultimate mancave, RDID creates exquisitely spaces that speak the language of our clients. For every room of your home or business, RDID brings the passion of superlative design for both new builds and renovations. Experience timeless design that keeps its eye on key trends for a perfect result, every time.

The world of Rae Duncan Interior Design is creating spaces by combining the client’s taste with our taste, skill, and talent. RDID is extremely creative and imaginative. We are accustomed to dreaming up the most unique spaces whether it be a kitchen, office, or a restaurant. Branded environments are a specialty, with the eclecticism of our team freeing us to work in the preferred style of the client. Your vision is our mission, so we deliver the high-end interior design you came for, according to your concept for the project.

RDID’S interior design portfolio includes everything from kitchens to entrepreneurial think tanks and living rooms to conference rooms, we craft spaces that transcend the ordinary, infusing them with peerless innovation. With a strong focus on function, RDID makes your professional environments work for you, uniting the practical with the sublime.

Customization beyond your wildest dreams is part of what RDID does. Picture unique custom furniture pieces that push your vision even further in textiles that stand the test of time. Welcome to the world of Rae Duncan Interior Design where style and art meet innovation. Let’s talk about a bold, fresh approach to your upcoming project.