New Construction

Consultation and Proposal: Interior Design for New Construction

Are you a contractor or developer seeking interior design for new homes? Rae Duncan Interior Design can help. We work with you to transform each room into something beautiful and memorable. An experienced interior designer can enhance the interior of a home to create a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for everyone. When it comes to a newly built luxury home, the importance of thoughtful interior design cannot be overstated. Take a look at the images below where we assisted builders, developers, and individuals with guidance about interior design for their new construction projects:

RDID’s Four-Step Approach to Consultation and Proposal

Hiring RDID’s professional interior designers for your new residential construction development can provide numerous benefits, including expert
guidance, access to exclusive resources, and a streamlined process.

Our four-step approach includes:

The Creative Edge Your New Home’s Design Deserves

Interior design is critical in transforming a new house into a beautiful, functional, personalized home. By investing time and effort into creating a cohesive design, maximizing space and functionality, incorporating personal touches, and working with the professionals at RDID, you’ll enhance the overall living experience and increase the value of your new home. To learn more about our residential work, view our online portfolio and read our client testimonials. Ready to talk about your project?