Rae Duncan is passionate about creating environments that reflect the unique personalities of her clients. She founded RDID to bring her bold, eclectic tastes and a high level of sophistication to the luxury residential and commercial markets. A passionate believer in branded environments, she specializes in ensuring RDID’s commercial design work is flawlessly integrated and reflects an organization’s branding and culture.

Rae works closely with her clients to carefully understand their vision and aspirations. Her spaces are both very personal and highly functional, reflecting her commitment to elevating function and practicality into an aesthetic art form. Rae prides herself on being able to accommodate any aesthetic and is fluent in a range of styles from traditional to modern.

Rae has a background in the creative arts. She lived in Moscow and London before earning a master’s degree in interior design from Harrington College of Design. She has been called a force in the Chicago Interior Design Industry by Chicago Business Journal and recognized on multiple media platforms for her bold aesthetic and innovative style.

Michael Margulis

Senior Architectural Drafter

Michael’s 20+ years of diverse experience in architecture and interiors began with a curiosity about the built environment. He is passionate about details, finding solutions, and delivering high quality construction to clients. Michael has Bachelors of Architecture and of Architectural Technology. Over the years, he has worked on a variety of projects ranging from high-end residences to multi-functional commercial developments.

Michael loves exploring options and captivating clients with his visualizations and renderings. His emphasis on graphic representation in the design process is unique and plays a pivotal role in getting clients to understand the designer’s vision from an early stage. For Michael, it's the process of getting to know clients and their individual tastes that makes the design process so worthwhile.

Victoria Young

Senior Designer

Victoria is an imaginative thinker and maker. She is an upbeat, exuberant creative who takes pride in every step of the design process. Her tremendous talent and positivity are apparent in all her work, from consults to site measures, selection and sourcing, drafting and technical work, to the final finish photos at the very end.

Victoria earned a Bachelors in Fine arts of Interior Design from the Illinois Institute of Art. She has worked as a designer at a number of Chicago’s top luxury residential design firms, honing her skills and her design eye for textiles, details, and craftsmanship. Victoria’s personal design style is minimalistic and transitional, but she is very excited to continue evolving as a creator and expanding her repertoire. Her favorite color is yellow.

Rachel Alvarez

Office Manager

Office Manager, Rachel, a Chicago native, left the city to study marketing and communications at Miami University of Ohio. Rachel has four years of property management experience and many more in customer service. New to the interior design world, she has adapted to Interior Design like a pro. Always having a deep interest of learning more about the field, to understand the thought process of creative design to the final photoshoot.

Rachel’s outgoing and energetic person with a successful record of embracing new challenges that has allowed our team to expand. She is intensely skilled in identifying project needs and creativity solving problems which has made herself irreplaceable in our firm.

If she’s not in the kitchen accomplishing a tasteful dish, Rachel is in the dance studio.