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Rae Duncan | Rae Duncan Interior Design

Discover Bold Sophistication with RDID

Rae Duncan is dedicated to designing spaces that reflect the distinctive character of her clients. She founded RDID to bring her fresh, diverse tastes and a high level of experience and artistry to both the luxury residential and commercial markets. Rae lives in Old Town, Chicago with her husband and two daughters. They’re constantly traveling, fishing, and creating art in their free time.

Rae has a background in the creative arts. She lived in Moscow and London before earning a master’s degree in interior design from Harrington College of Design. She has been called “ A Force” in the Chicago Interior Design Industry by Chicago Business Journal and recognized on multiple media platforms for her bold, luxury aesthetic and her innovative style.

Rae Duncan came to interior design from the creative arts world, bringing her artistic flair and pioneering spirit to the creation of transcendent spaces. Rae’s experience of the world informs the sophistication of her design. Among interior designers in Chicago, Rae stands as an agent of refined transformation that heightens spaces aesthetically and functionally. For executive homes, corporate offices, and hospitality spaces, Rae Duncan has established herself as a leader in the industry.

Rae sees her client’s vision and realizes it in her detailed and intuitive design language. Her dedication to function as an aesthetic form distinguishes Rae as an interior designer who deploys creativity for functional solutions. Discover interior design that is immersive and whole with an interior designer who really listens. For all your grand designs, residential or commercial, we’re engaged with your vision and ready to get to work.