We Are Rdid


Rae Duncan is passionate about creating environments that reflect the unique personalities of her clients. She founded RDID to bring her bold, eclectic tastes and a high level of sophistication to the luxury residential and commercial markets. A passionate believer in branded environments, she specializes in ensuring RDID’s commercial design work is flawlessly integrated and reflects an organization’s branding and culture.

Rae works closely with her clients to carefully understand their vision and aspirations. Her spaces are both very personal and highly functional, reflecting her commitment to elevating function and practicality into an aesthetic art form. Rae prides herself on being able to accommodate any aesthetic and is fluent in a range of styles from traditional to modern.

Rae has a background in the creative arts and earned a master’s degree in interior design from Harrington College of Design. She has been called a force in the Chicago Interior Design Industry by Chicago Business Journal and recognized on multiple media platforms for her bold aesthetic and innovative style.


VP of Finance and Operations, Frida Brooks, is a certified public accountant with a creative spirit and love for design, art and culture. She is thrilled to be a part of this dynamic team, taking care of the practical side of business while feeling inspired by the team’s creativity and accomplishments. Frida has 10 years of accounting experience in numerous industries including public accounting and National Geographic. She was treasurer for the American Woman's Club in Dublin and dedicated 3 years organizing fundraisers and planning events benefiting Irish children’s hospitals.

Originally from Sweden but lived in eight countries Frida loves to travel, explore and learn about new cultures. She has her Masters in Accounting from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.


Senior Designer, creator, innovator, and artist. Abby is passionate about all things design and lives for creating beautiful yet functional spaces, environments, and moments.

Having studied Interior Design, from the Columbus College of Art and Design, Abby has spent most of her career designing highly experiential environments ranging from retail stores, pop-up shops, and events to luxury hospitality interiors. In her past experiences, she has even had the opportunity to create a stage design for Katy Perry, you never know where the design will take you.

Abby’s style is eclectic, pulling influence from classic traditional but bringing in mix of modern statements and sophisticated yet creative accents. After working in the design industry, she has grown to appreciate and love all styles. “The longer you design the more you grow to see the possibility in each”.

With a background in marketing and graphics she believes in branding each client and project focusing on all aspects. It is important for every project, from residential to commercial, to identify their core value and purpose. The bold moments help a room stand out, but the small details are what bring it all together.

Jacob Ayoub

Design Assistant, Jacob Ayoub has always had a passion for architecture, residential design and construction. In fact, Jacob completed course work in building construction management at Michigan State University while obtaining his degrees in engineering and business. Prior to joining RDID, he spent nearly two decades in marketing and consumer insights and leverages that experience to develop a deep understanding of his clients' needs and design spaces that help them improve the way they live in their homes.


Senior Project Manager. After graduating at the top of her class with a BFA in Interior Design from the Illinois Institute of Art, Kay has worked as both a senior designer and a senior project manager for several Chicago firms in the past decade.

Kay interacts with architects, builders, project managers, and remains in constant contact with clients. She is responsible for scheduling and supervising installations. Her phenomenal organizational skills ensure flawless project execution from through all design and construction phases.

Kay is the master of multi-tasking, juggling a variety of tasks at all times to meet the demands of the fast-paced, complex world of design and construction. Designs become a reality under Kay’s watchful eye as well as through her completely rendered and extremely detailed three-dimensional drawings and videos.

Kay is committed to performing positive connections with the entire team, clients, and contractors. She has intense drive for perfection in every aspect of her work. Her innate passion for art and design fuels her hard work as well as a thorough knowledge construction and the design process.


Executive Assistant Matthew was raised in an aesthetic environment with a grandfather who was a noted artist and a father who is a fine art dealer. From an early age he followed his passion for the Asian Arts, becoming a recognized expert on samurai swords and related antiques and artifacts. He began doing appraisals for a major Midwest auction house while still in college. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a BA in early medieval and late Roman history. His liberal arts knowledge is complemented by his Master of Health Administration which he subsequently received in Seattle from the University of Washington's esteemed and highly-selective program.

Matthew brings depth and integrity in handling projects from start to finish. He enjoys the day-to-day hands-on experience that is required to execute multi-dimensional projects in a seamless fashion. His attention to detail and great communication skills compliment his zeal for excellence.


Designer, Bryan grew up in a family full of creatives. He loves the process of making a mess in service of producing something beautiful and unique. He lives for realizing the potential of a space and materializing his vision of what it could be.

Bryan studied architecture at Penn State University before going back to his roots and working in Dallas for a couple of years, honing his skills in the design of schools and multi-family residential architecture. He has experience in a host of different market sectors, having most recently worked on commercial interior design projects in and around Chicago. Bryan's background in architecture gives him tremendous insight in how buildings come together. However his passion is in interiors.

Bryan loves exploring options and captivating clients with his visualizations and renderings. His emphasis on graphic representation in the design process is unique and really plays a pivotal role in getting clients to buy-in from an early stage. But in his mind, ultimately, it's the process of getting to know clients and their individual tastes that makes the design process so worthwhile.

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