Full-Service Interior Design

At RDID, you’ll find a portal to a range of interior design services we provide for Chicago and around the world for residential, hospitality, and commercial projects. For redesigns, renovations, or new builds, we bring bold innovation and client-centered excellence to everything we do.

RDID serves our clients with transparency. Find out about our team’s process and what to expect when you work with us. We’re a full-service interior design company dedicated to your project vision. RDID’s mission is your vision, realizing it with high-end sophistication and bold innovation.

RDID offers a diverse range of services including full-service interior design, renovations, home furnishing, and new construction projects for both residential and commercial clients.

Renovations and Remodels

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RDID excels at transforming interior spaces. With our exceptionally trained and talented team, we work with tradespeople, subcontractors, and contractors to create a new life and a new identity for our remodeled spaces. Remodels can be uniquely challenging, but RDID’s innovative and creative approach to every project is especially effective in the reuse and restoration of existing spaces.

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RDID is a versatile solution for a wide range of commercial projects, spanning from office spaces to restaurants and everything in between. Our team thrives on the intellectual challenge that comes with crafting branded environments, while also relishing the opportunity to create opulent and dazzling boutique spaces. With an exceptional level of creativity, the RDID team takes pride in designing the most distinctive and branded spaces for any industry.

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New Construction

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We work with clients to design every minute detail and element of new construction projects. As a full-service interior design firm, we are elated to design a space from scratch. This gives our team endless opportunities to increase the function and style of your new environment. We have hundreds of resources to assist in every new home build. We partner with builders and tradespeople to realize our client’s vision.

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Full Home Furnishing

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Our team completes many projects that don’t require any remodeling or construction. We are adept at sourcing and selecting new finishes, materials, and furnishings that will entirely transform your space. We select, source, receive, deliver, and install all new elements wherever you would like them.

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RDID is committed to transparency throughout the design process, providing clear guidelines and expectations, which are central to the success of every project. Whether you are based in Chicago or London, here is what you can expect when you choose us for your full-service interior design, furnishing, and construction project:

  • PHASE 1


    Every project begins with a one-on-one consultation. Once our initial proposal is approved, contracts are signed, and a retainer is paid, we are able to turn our focus to visualizing and curating each space. We compile material samples, drawings, and furnishings into a visual and tactile presentation. Since every project is different, we do not offer fixed fees. Our pricing is based on the scope of work. Before our work begins, we give you a rough estimate of the hours this phase will require. We’re a full-service interior design firm that manages the project in every material detail.

  • PHASE 2


    After all furniture, fixtures, and drawings have been finalized and approved, we send for estimates while simultaneously creating a comprehensive budget. No matter if you’re based in Chicago or abroad, our interior design team offers you the same services. We place orders and manage all construction and fabrication. Once the pieces are created, we oversee and coordinate all tracking and deliveries of all items to a local warehouse as well as coordinate delivery and installation once all items have arrived. Our team is responsible for making these purchases.

  • PHASE 3

    Project Management

    RDID creates all purchase orders, tracks orders, assesses lead times, and notes any backorders or discontinued items that may delay the project. During this time, we make sure that our projected timeline is adhered to by all vendors. We also draft custom work orders for our artisans and fabricators. Construction and ordering involve a lot of moving parts, which can make this part of the process run a little slower. You should expect issues to arise, but rest assured we will always complete everything to perfection and keep you informed of any issues.

  • PHASE 4

    Installation & Walkthrough

    RDID is a full-service interior design company committed to superior results. With that being said, we ensure everything is installed flawlessly as our team completes a walkthrough and punch list with the client and all contractors at the end of the construction phase for every project. For installation, we charge a per-day fee that includes the entire team. We bring all hands on deck to place, style, and perfect every single detail to give you a truly turnkey experience. When we’re done, we’ll welcome you home to a refined and inviting space that is ready for living.

RDID is a full-service interior design company whose mission is your vision.

We create branded environments for people of vision, expressing their truths in bold, innovative terms that move with the currents of interior design trends. Realize your renovation, remodel, or new build vision with the fresh, collaborative team at RDID.