The Process:

Full Service Luxury Interior Design

Rae Duncan Interior Design is a collaborative team of designers who use their technical skills and talent to reimagine how people live, work, and play. RDID is committed to providing the best possible design experience for our clients. We are experienced with a wide range of projects including renovations, new construction, and full redesigns. We provide both residential, hospitality, and commercial design. On this page you will find our team's process along with general information to help you align your expectations during your interior design and r enovation project. We hope you have a fabulous experience with RDID and we look forward to working with you.



RDID is dedicated to creating an exceptional experience for our clients. We are a full service firm determined to make every project as seamless as possible. We begin by consulting at the project site to get an impression of the space and gain an understanding of our client and the scope of the project. It's important that we are a good fit for each other and that we both have a good understanding of the budget, timeline, project details, and the client's goals.


The design process continues with designing individual elements as well as gathering materials, furniture, and fixtures for future client presentations and collaborative meetings.

As progress is made and ideas become finalized, architectural drawings will become more detailed and 3D renderings will be provided when requested. We use a multitude of technologies to communicate our ideas and our vision throughout the design process.



After all furniture, fixtures, and drawings have been finalized and approved, we send for estimates and simultaneously create a complete a budget. We place orders after approval and project manage all construction and fabrication. We oversee and coordinate all tracking and deliveries of all items. We manage all damages and issues that come up for our clients. We are full service. The only thing our clients need to do is provide feedback.


We create all purchase orders, track orders, assess lead times, note any backorders or discontinued items that may delay the project, and make decisions whether or not to re-select. During this time, we make sure that our projected timeline is adhered to by all vendors. We will also be drafting custom work orders for our artisans and fabricators. Construction and ordering involves a lot of moving parts. You should expect issues to arise, but rest assured we will always complete everything to perfection and keep you informed of any issues.



RDID installs everything to perfection and completes a walk through and punch list with the client and all contractors. In the end, an RDID interior is characterized by an unparalleled attention to detail and luxury that you can indulge in daily.


RDID is responsive to the current needs for social distancing in commercial spaces. We help maintain the health and safety of staff and customers through well-designed, flexible solutions that can be easily reconfigured as health guidelines demand.

The world is changing. Zoom and Internet have made distance irrelevant. So, we are working in new and exciting ways. We now service more cities, using distributed teams in multiple offices, and working virtually together while maintaining in-person client meetings and site visits. We are centrally located in Chicago and do not add travel fees.

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